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Given the massive range of activities, locations and things to do in Europe, why consider anywhere else for your villas and holiday rentals? France and Spain , to Montenegro and Slovenia . Cultural heritage galore, beautiful beaches, 24 hour cities - you name it, it's here!


Nearly 30% of the earth’s land area is made up of Asia.  So many amazing holiday opportunities!


Africa: the great undiscovered continent with limitless opportunities for exploration. From the bustling markets of Morocco , to the farmhouses and lodges of South Africa , there are holiday rentals, villas and holiday cottages for everyone here.

The Americas

Made up of North and South America, and its islands, The Americas offer you endless holiday opportunities from apartments in the bright lights of the United States cities to lodges in the jungles of Belize and villas in the glaciers of Chile .


There's nothing like the Caribbean when it comes to a bit of luxury - sparkling seas, golden beaches and gorgeous places to stay.


Australia , New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean Islands

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