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One Off Places with hot tubs

There are lots of ways to make a holiday house feel truly special. Under floor heating, fluffy Egyptian cotton towels and super king size beds to name but a few. But nothing is quite as luxurious as a holiday cottage with a hot tub! What could feel more indulgent than slipping into what is essentially a big, bubbly hot bath and whiling away the hours without a care in the world, as your worries just melt away? The answer is: not a lot.  To view a complete list of our properties with hot tubs, click here.

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These days, a holiday cottage with a hot tub is not a complete rarity (although the concept still retains enough exclusivity to feel unique!). Property owners have cottoned onto the fact that people are expecting more from their breaks – that when we go on holiday we really want to be spoiled and pampered, away from our stressful day to day lives. And the beauty of a holiday cottage with a hot tub is that it is a feature that can be inside or outside. The tub might be part of a spa, or as a feature of an enormous sumptuous bathroom. On the other hand, nothing beats a hot tub with a view. Imagine a cold winter evening, crisp air, tranquil surroundings and skies full of twinkling stars. And imagine experiencing that from the comfort of a private hot tub, where you are as warm as can be under the water. In a word: magical. 

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