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The Netherlands is an absolutely unique place, not least because parts of the Kingdom are situated all over the world, from Europe to the Caribbean. The main constituent is Holland, and it is a wonderful and varied destination for a holiday rental in the Netherlands. 

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First, there are Holland’s cities. These are vibrant and historic places with a huge amount to offer and a holiday rental in the Netherlands could be situated in any of these famous cities and it would never disappoint. From the culture of Utrecht and the architecture and festivals of Rotterdam to the canals of Amsterdam, the scenic squares of Maastricht and the sophistication of The Hague, the cities of Holland are distinctive and captivating locations for a holiday rental in the Netherlands. If you want art and culture, shopping and sightseeing then a city break here is an ideal choice. Outside the cities a holiday rental in the Netherlands has plenty more to offer. If you love flowers then there can be no better day trip than to the Spring Gardens of Keukenhof or to one of the enormous bulb fields in bloom. Likewise, if you’re keen to enjoy the great outdoors, Holland is perfect terrain for long walks, cycling through the countryside and a variety of watersports. Every different region of the Netherlands has something special to show its visitors, from the castles of the Lower Rhine region to the wildlife and nature of the De Hoge Veluwe national park. From forests and meadows to ancient towns, a holiday rental in the Netherlands is the perfect destination if you want a bit of everything. You might not know it but the Dutch coast even has splendid beaches! Come and discover the Netherlands for a holiday you will never forget.

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