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Beachfront Beauties

There's nothing quite like a beachfront holiday cottage - family friendly, great for activities, perfect for a romantic retreat in Winter - see all our beach properties here.....

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Nowadays, when it comes to choosing a holiday, we are overwhelmed by choices. It isn’t a simple process anymore – should you try your hand at glamping, rent an eco-house in Scotland, or find a trendy houseboat or treehouse somewhere? But sometimes, you don’t want anything outlandish or wacky. Sometimes you just want to be somewhere with a beautiful view where you can completely switch off and relax – and this is where beachfront accommodation and beachside cottages come into their own, whether you're looking to stay in England or go further afield. From cabins to castles, glampsites to luxury villas, if you've got a view of the sea, and a beach on your doorstep, what more could you ask for? Click to view all the Ideas and Inspiration categories for your unique holidays.

Of course, deciding to search for  beachside cottages doesn’t exactly mean narrowing your options – let’s not forget that there are beaches of all shapes and sizes all over the world. Where do you want to go? Would you prefer a beach holiday in the UK? Or do you want to head for the white sands of a beach in southern Europe? The world is your oyster! If your idea of heaven is a classic English seaside jaunt, then head for Cornwall, which has miles of coastline dotted with beachfront villas. Or how about a coastal cottage in Ireland, with walking trails which wind from your doorstep and wildlife all around you? And beachfront cottages in Wales are always a popular choice – you’d be hard pressed to rival the rugged splendour of the Pembrokeshire seashore. The Scottish islands are another obvious choice. Places like Skye, Shetland and Orkney face the sea on all sides and have a desolate beauty which is hard to replicate and impossible to forget. The beachfront cottages here have a very special quality about them – the sense that you really are a million miles from anyone and anything else. 

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