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Although Croatia's reputation was affected by the troubles of the 1990s, it has long been seen as one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe - and recent years have seen a boom in visitor numbers as people look to stay in a villa in Croatia and experience the culture from close up. Your first sight of the country will show why - clear blue water with beaches and coves provide ample space for explorers, holidaymakers and sailors.  Whether you're looking for villas for large groups, or secluded romantic retreats, One Off Places will have something to suit you.

Continental Croatia

Azure lakes, fairytale castles, delicious local fare, historic cities, wonderful architecture and a lively café culture - a holiday in Continental Croatia is just as memorable and magical as a trip to the coast.




The largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, Istria is the most popular destination for holiday rentals in Croatia, yet still remains largely unspoilt and an extremely beautiful part of the world to explore. Try a villa in Istria for a peaceful holiday!

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The interior of the country offers a totally different view with its ancient history of roman ruins at Pula, as well as medieval villages. There are seven World Heritage sites in Croatia, along with 8 national parks - depending on your location, most are simple to reach from your holiday villa in Croatia. Sport is big here as well - for such a small country Croatia's football team punches well above its weight and its handball team were world champions in 2003. Tennis player Goran Ivanisevic hails from Split and is a national icon while several skiers, canoeists and athletes also feature. The country is shaped like a giant horseshoe, and staying in a holiday villa in Croatia's western region will offer you access to its stunning coastline and 1700 different islands for exploration. It is easy to feel totally relaxed here as you look out from your villa in Croatia and enjoy the seaview. A great place for island hopping! Combine the islands and the cities and you've got the recipe for a multi location holiday - staying in a stunning island villa one week, and a chic city apartment the next maybe? Croatia can also offer interest and culture to fans of the city break as well - a holiday rental apartment in Dubrovnik will really provide a great insight into one of Europe's most fascinating centres. There are galleries and concerts as well as festivals throughout the year - and being blessed by a Mediterranean climate means that Croatia enjoys mild winters to go with its warm summers. This is even more of a benefit if you choose to investigate from your villa in Croatia by the increasingly popular methods of bike or on horseback...

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