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In terms of originality treehouse holidays are pretty hard to beat! And who can honestly say they didn’t spend their childhood either in a treehouse or wanting to be? Treehouses make fantastic holiday hideaways whatever the purpose of your trip. 

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Couples can embrace the romance of a special secluded setting and families can allow themselves to be enchanted by the magic and nostalgia that these sorts of dwellings inspire. And don’t be fooled into thinking that a treehouse is just a treehouse – the variety of styles and locations on offer is amazing. Stay in a treehouse UK - or head further afield to European climes!

It’s probably fair to say that of all the unique holidays available on One Off Places, the treehouse stays are some of the most magical and memorable. There is simply nothing like the nostalgia of simple childhood memories, the escapism from the reality of life on the ground and the joy of being so embedded in a peaceful natural environment. All of those things are truly enchanting, so if you want to relive those good old days or make a youthful dream come true then search no further, we have exactly what you’re looking for… If you’re a family looking for a completely unforgettable trip away, then a holiday in a treehouse will be heaven for everyone both young and old. 

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