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If you are looking for a place where you can really retreat from the modern world into the magnificent yet uncomplicated past, then holiday rentals in Extremadura are for you. A far cry from the crowded resorts on Spain’s coast, this part of the country attracts few tourists so it is pure escapism in its most basic form.  See all our holiday villas in Spain here.

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Historically Extremadura has a huge amount to offer. Merida, the region’s capital, is host to some of the world’s most exceptional Roman monuments and artefacts. Holiday rentals in Merida will set you in the midst of remains such as an amphitheatre, an enormous bridge, a five-mile long aqueduct and a museum full of Roman art. Watching a play today in a theatre built 2 millennia ago is an unforgettable and humbling experience. Outside Merida there is plenty more to see and any of our holiday rentals in Extremadura will give you easy access to beautiful ancient towns and cities like Caceres, Badajoz and Trujillo. All over the region there are things to see, from the vast Monastery of Guadelupe (one of many splendid monasteries in the area) to the Monfrague Natural Park which houses a number of rare bird and animal species. In fact, these holiday rentals will suit bird-lovers down to the ground! Even outside the Natural Park Extremadura is known for being an area teeming bird life. More than 11,000 storks live and build their nests here! Outside the cities are forests and mountains and broad stretches of untouched countryside and hikers will relish the opportunity to get back to nature and explore this beautiful and mysterious region. If you want to see the real Spain, holiday rentals in Extremadura will show it to you.

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