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Cantabria is situated along Spain’s northern coast. It’s a small region with its population making up just over one percent of Spain’s population as a whole. But despite its size, Cantabria has more than enough to offer and you’ll discover very different traditions and customs to its Asturian and Basque neighbours. See all our holiday villas in Spain here

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There's a huge choice for your villa in Cantabria along the coast, with Santander being the capital and principle city in the region. But a villa in Cantabria can also be found in the mountains a little further inland. These mountains offer a plethora of outdoor activities, from horse riding to climbing to trekking. The Picos de Europa are perhaps the best known of the mountain national parks, and for good reason. They offer stunning vistas and countless routes for both the adventurous mountaineer and the rambling tourist.

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