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A holiday in the Scottish Borders is the best way to see one of the most picturesque regions in the British Isles and rentals here are hugely popular all year round. Each season in this area brings its own particular delights – be it the snow-covered peaks in winter, the vivid colours of spring and autumn or the longer hours and gentle sunshine of the summer months. The area stretches from rolling hills and moorland in the west through to coastline and fishing villages in the east and a holiday in the Scottish Borders might involve a seaside cottage, a converted farmhouse or even just a flat with a view. But they all guarantee the trip of a lifetime. And if you manage to drag yourself away from the comfort of your rental property, a holiday in the Scottish Borders provides a huge range of activities, destinations and events to be explored. Click to view all our holiday cottages in Scotland.

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Opportunities for walking range from a simple romantic stroll on the beach up to hikes and treks that take many days and involve some of the most famous Scottish landmarks. Or perhaps you’ve come on holiday in the Scottish Borders with a view to sampling some local cuisine and the world famous whisky – there are distilleries dotted throughout this area and each will be delighted to extend your knowledge of this most varied of drinks. And we would be seriously neglecting our duties if we did not mention the sheer breadth of golf courses on offer here – either inland or on the coast. There is a course to suit every ability, every style and even every budget, from the less expensive up to the regular British Open venues. Last but certainly not least, how about holiday rentals among some of the most popular fishing locations in the world? It’s all here when you holiday in the Scottish Borders, just waiting for you to come and have a look.

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