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Central Portugal

The Regiao Centro (Central Region) of Portugal occupies nearly thirty thousand square kilometres, and accommodates over two million residents. The areas of Central Portugal include Coimbra, Viseu, and Guarda. A good idea to explore these areas would be to secure a holiday house in Central Portugal, to allow time to explore the region.

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Coimbra is the capital of the Regiao Centro, which was historically the capital of Portugal, and holds the oldest University in the country (built in 1290) which is a major tourist attraction. Coimbra, once governed by the Visigoths, the Moors, and the Castiles, can easily be reached via the A1 highway which runs from Porto to Lisbon. Guarda is the highest town in Portugal, placed on the Serra da Estrela mountain range. Guarda is famous for its beautiful historical cathedral, the Se da Guarda, located in the centre of town, which began construction in the fourteenth century. During winter, the Serra da Estrela offers the some of best skiing in the country. With an array of holiday rentals are available in the Guarda region, it will not be difficult to find a holiday house in Central Portugal’s mountainous district. In the centre of the Regiao Centro you will find Viseu. A suggestion might be to rent a holiday house in Central Portugal’s city of Viseu to use as a base, as it is almost exactly halfway between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Viseu is home to historical buildings such as the two-towered 17th century cathedral and 18th century Miserichord Church, and contains a maze of narrow streets with interesting little shops for the tourist to explore. The mild temperatures of this popular European region offers tourists either relaxation on pristine beaches, or exhilarating water sport activities whilst renting a holiday house in Central Portugal. Or for something a little different, you could try a holiday in a yurt? Central Portugal’s food is strongly influenced by the sea with plenty of fresh seafood dishes available. Additionally meat stews, mouth-watering sweets and delicious wines may well be on the menu in the Regiao Centro region. Rest assured you will easily find the perfect holiday house in Central Portugal to meet your budget.

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