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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea, and the largest region of Italy. Those who are looking for a Sicily villa in a place where there’s lots to explore, from beautiful beaches in fashionable resorts to historical sights and an insight into the classical world, have come to the right place.  All our Italy villas can be found here.

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If you’re after a stylish Sicily villa near the sea then have a look at Taormina, a fashionable resort with some fine beaches. The whole coastline is home to some real gems, both lively, and secluded, and there are some beautiful, smaller islands just off Sicily which can be easily visited on day trips. Palermo is Sicily’s capital, and one of the largest cities in Italy. You can find a Sicily villa hidden in its winding streets, where you can be just minutes walk from a plethora of bars and restaurants, and able to enjoy the crumbling grandeur of this city from your bedroom window! One of the world’s most impressive and active volcanos, Mount Etna, also has its home in Sicily. In fact, this volcano dominates the landscape of NE Sicily. Many of Sicily’s inland holiday rentals in this part of the country have views over Mt Etna and the surrounding national park. There are legacies to the classical world dotted throughout the island, not least Syracuse, with its excellent Greek theatre, and Agrigento’s valley of the temples. 

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