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Want to experience a classic Italian vacation without the crowds? Then a holiday in Puglia will fit the bill perfectly. Its countryside, from the Valle d’Itria to the Forest of Umbra, is nothing short of breathtaking, and sights like the caves at Grotte di Castellana are simply magical. And the beaches are no less gorgeous, with trips to the islands of Isole Tremiti a must for those who prefer to get off the beaten track.  See more villas in Italy here.

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A holiday in Puglia will also offer you history in spades, from the cathedrals in Otranto and Trani to the archaeological museums in Bari and Taranto. And no trip would be complete without a visit to the baroque town of Lecce, as vibrant as it is lovely, or to the magnificent Castel del Monte, a UNESCO world heritage site that really has to be seen to be believed. And don’t forget the food - it’s so mouthwatering you won’t want to leave! From olive groves to architecture, Puglia has it all.

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