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Centre-Val de Loire

Holiday cottages in the region offer plenty of activities for those who want it. If you’re someone who enjoys history and architecture then you will be delighted with the spread on offer. The Centre-Val de Loire countryside is strewn with more than a thousand chateaux from varying periods so all holiday rentals in the area are guaranteed to be close to somewhere of historical interest. In particular Chambord, the region's biggest castle, is a Renaissance masterpiece which is unmissable.  Click to view all our holiday rentals in France.

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The chateaux of Blois, Beauregard and Chaumont-sur-Loire are also wonderful and have gardens and events to keep everyone happy. If you love castles, holiday rentals in this region are heaven! Many of the towns in the region have monuments which are well worth visiting, including the cathedral in Chartres which is an example of spectacular medieval architecture, and the gothic cathedral of St Etienne in Bourges. The towns have charm and culture aplenty, which is why it is such an ideal area for holiday rentals. They also offer the finest of the region’s gastronomy from cheeses and terrines to locally grown fruit and vegetables. The Centre-Val de Loire is a perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors. 

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