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Castles / Chateaux

From gothic to fairytale and traditional to contemporary, castles and chateaux are perhaps the ultimate in self-catering for groups. Think grandeur, luxury, space and character – what’s not to like?

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Castles and chateaux vary hugely in terms of size, style and location but they all have a magical atmospheric quality which guarantees a memorable holiday. On the one hand you have the castles of historic wild Scotland and Ireland, majestic and splendid in equal measure. And on the other hand you have the relaxed and convivial chateaux of rural France, where wine, food and conversation are the name of the game.

You might find a cosy little fortress just for two – what could be more romantic? Alternatively you may be planning a family reunion or looking for a weekend getaway with friends, in which case you’ll be looking for places with lots of bedrooms, an elegant dining room, a big fireplace, a state-of-the-art kitchen and extensive grounds within which to stroll. Take your pick.

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