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Corporate Retreats

Long gone are the days of boring conference-style business get-togethers - if you’re looking to really get your team to learn and connect then you have to offer them an original and authentic experience. Welcome to the modern-day corporate retreat. You could stick to a relatively traditional format but try doing it in a different setting - for example a mansion in Spain, a country house in France or a castle in Scotland. Alternatively, you could go completely off-piste (literally) and go skiing, clay pigeon shooting or orienteering - now that’s the kind of ‘corporate retreat’ that colleagues can get on board with


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We all know that sitting in a soulless room for hours on end is not the best way to inspire - so it’s time to think outside the box and do something completely different, because if your employees are enjoying themselves and making memories they are also much more likely to be productive and receptive to new ideas, professional growth and forwards movement. Whether you want to be active or mindful, stay home or travel abroad, you’re sure to find a unique corporate retreat space here at One Off Places. 

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