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If any part of you loves the great outdoors, then you’re going to love Chile! People who come here often want a variety of things from their holiday.  If you’re choosing a holiday house in Chile, then you need to choose your location carefully. Although a thin country, it’s immensely long, stretching 4300km to the very bottom of South America. So your holiday house in Chile could be in Arica, basking in tropical heat at the top of the country, or in Punta Arenas, at the very bottom of the country just short of Antarctica. And all points in between! Chile is home to the world’s driest desert (the Atacama desert)


There can’t be many people who’ve spent time in Patagonia and don’t come back wanting more...and more...if your chosen holiday is in Patagonia, then you clearly love the great outdoors.  Places like this make it all worthwhile.....

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