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Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world for outdoor living. A holiday cabin in Canada will provide the opportunity to spend your time on the ski slopes, or trekking through the wilderness and exploring many of the country's vast national parks.

British Columbia

British Columbia is a land renowned for its remarkable diversity and mild climate, giving rise to an abundance of places to see and things to do. Whether an apartment in Vancouver or a cabin in the mountains, you’ll find a holiday rental to suit you.

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Skiers have long traveled to the two key resorts (Whistler and Banff), each known for great skiing and the huge range of other activities too - immerse yourself into it with a ski chalet or rental apartment. Canada has also built up a range of spa and health destinations too - staying in a holiday house in Canada with the clean air and open spaces is always therapeutic for those who need to recharge. National parks are a key element of this diverse country, and there are numerous opportunities to spend time fishing, hunting or even just tramping around viewing birds and other wildlife. Canada is not only about the great outdoors though - each of its cities has its own different personality and all offer the visitor the chance of a unique experience. Take a holiday house in Canada's cities and spend some time walking round and exploring to get a real flavour. Quebec has a rich heritage and strong French influence - there is a distinctly European feel to this historic port. Halifax provides the gateway to Nova Scotia and a taste of life on the north edge - any holiday house in Canada here should make heating and log fires a key element! Toronto is the business capital, but no lesser for that as its cleanliness, fusion of cultures and access to Niagara Falls always keep it vibrant. Even taking a holiday housein Vancouver offers skiing, commerce, culture and even watersports - all within an hour or two's drive from your own front door. One you've started exploring Canada, you'll never be able to stop. It's one of those places people often decide to leave till their retirement; don't. Go as soon as you can...

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