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If you want a holiday which is exotic and tropical, yet also has enduring reminders of the colonial British Empire, then look no further than a holiday villa in Belize. Bordered by Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea, it is incredibly diverse and although English is the official language (which makes things nice and easy for those of us who aren’t confident linguists!) there are many different cultures and languages all living together.


If you’re looking for a colourful, exotic holiday in a place filled with mysterious ruins, tropical scenery, extraordinary flora and fauna and unbeatable scuba diving, look no further than a holiday villa in Belize.

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Although the country is large it is still relatively remote and a holiday villa in Belize would be a perfect choice for someone looking for a complete break from the ordinary world into an ancient Mayan civilisation. Belize is overflowing with history and there are primitive ruins and pyramids all over the country, some more thoroughly excavated than others. You can truly be transported to another world in another era. A holiday villa in Belize is also an excellent choice if you’re interested in seeing the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. A popular destination with sailors, there are several marinas around the coastline but the Reef is as dangerous as it is beautiful so yacht owners need to be careful on the way in and out! But for divers it is a haven with hundreds of tiny islands and the famous Great Blue Hole. If you’re a lover of wildlife then a holiday villa in Belize would be a wonderful base from which to explore the lush rainforest and its inhabitants, whether that be unusual birds or colourful plants. Whether you want to explore the lengths of underground caves, canoe down a jungle-lined river or snorkel around the reef a holiday villa in Belize would be a magical place to start.

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