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There can’t be many people who’ve spent time in Patagonia and don’t come back wanting more...and more...if your chosen holiday house in Argentina is in Patagonia, then you clearly love the great outdoors. Places like this make it all worthwhile.....

Argentina is a vast and diverse country, stretching almost 3500km from Bolivia, down to the very tip of South America. It is almost as big as India, and has a wide array of landscapes and climates. So do your research before you pick the location for your holiday house in Argentina. If the urban vibe is your thing, then Buenos Aires will wow you, complete with fabulous shopping, tango lessons, soccer matches, nightclubs and restaurants with food to die for. In fact, wherever your holiday house in Argentina is, a few days in Buenos Aires is a must. Once out of the cities, nature is the thing and even if you're a city person, you won't be able to get enough of these landscapes. If you find a holiday house in Argentina which is in Patagonia or the

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