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The Americas

If you are looking to find a holiday villa or holiday rental property somewhere a bit different, then the Americas is sure to entice you with something, whatever your preference.


Untrodden and unspoiled, vibrant and historic, Belize is a blend of ancient civilisations and natural wonders. A holiday villa in Belize is an idyllic escape into the depths of stunning Central America.


Rent a villa in Brazil to experience the ultimate South American experience in the largest country in this region. With all the cultural and scenic diversity you could wish for, Brazil offers plenty for all types of traveller, whatever your needs.


If you are looking for wide open spaces, outstanding views and the full gamut of weather then Canada is the place for you. From ski resorts to cultural experiences - taking a holiday house in Canada will fulfill all your outdoor fantasies, whatever the season.


People don’t tend to see Chile as a holiday rental destination, and in many ways it’s not. But that’s the appeal! Find a holiday house in Chile in a part of the country where you can explore to your heart’s content and you won’t be disappointed!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country with an extraordinary wealth of things to do - some would equate finding a holiday villa in Costa Rica with finding a holiday villa in paradise.


Filled with natural treasures from biosphere reserves and national parks to animal refuges and marine wildlife, as well as endless activities for the adrenalin enthusiast, a holiday in Honduras can provide you with everything you’re after, from relaxation, to adrenalin injections!


Mexico is a fabulous destination, and has a lot to offer those in search of a villa in Mexico. With endless activities on offer from watersports to archeological sites, and beautiful national parks to explore, you won’t be disappointed.

United States

Best known for the bright lights of its cities, the USA has so much more to offer. If you’re in search of a holiday rental in a country of enormous diversity, then look no further.

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North America alone has such a vast variety of cultures and climates, landscapes and opportunities. In Canada you can stay in a ski chalet in winter, or a lakeside cabin in summer while exploring the surrounding area. The United States, although best known for its bright lights and famous cities, has some of the world’s most amazing national parks and reserves, and for the outdoor enthusiasts amongst you, you will be in heaven if you find your holiday rental house here. Or for the sun worshippers amongst you, head for the southern states of the USA, and experience the likes of Florida and California for yourself, preferably from a beachside villa with an infinity swimming pool! Heading south, Central and South America will offer you something completely different. If you’re after a jungle lodge, or a more exotic holiday rental property, then you’ll find one here. From the ancient ruins and well known beach resorts of Mexico, south to Costa Rica with its amazing flora and fauna, and down into South America with its Mayan ruins and world famous waterfalls, this is a part of the world which deserves further exploration. What better place to explore it than finding a perfectly situated villa or holiday rental house where you can head off on day trips of discovery, but return to your swimming pool and cold shower at the end of each day!

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