If you want to get way off the beaten track and visit somewhere truly exotic and unspoilt, then a holiday in Vanuatu is the answer. Floating in the South Pacific it has everything you could possibly want from a remote island paradise – tropical beaches, lush forests, outdoor adventures, sensational scuba diving, friendly people and lots of sunshine.

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You’d be hard pressed to find a more romantic honeymoon than a holiday in Vanuatu! The archipelago consists of around 80 islands, from the largest isle of Espiritu Santo to the tiniest islets which are inhabited by nothing except a diversity of flora and fauna. What they all have in common is their volcanic origin and this makes for a fascinating landscape. There are several large active volcanoes throughout the archipelago, so whichever island you choose for your holiday in Vanuatu, you will probably be able to see one of these impressive peaks soaring into the air. Vanuatu has a fascinating history and a wealth of cultures and customs which are mesmerising to outsiders. Rituals and ceremonies are an important part of daily life and if you’re lucky you will get to experience some of them. If your interest lies more off-shore, you’re in luck. One of the best things about a holiday in Vanuatu is the scuba diving scene – it is simply world-class. Advanced or beginner, you cannot fail to be enchanted by this warm, clear underwater world. Water sports are also popular, as are boating and fishing or further inland you could go land diving or abseiling down a waterfall. Whether you’re here for the diving, the dazzling beaches or the festivals, a holiday in Vanuatu is a magical experience. Come and see for yourself!

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