If you’re travelling to Oceania from as far afield as Europe or the Americas, you are not going to be going just for a long weekend. With such a distance to travel, and with so much to explore, your best option is to make a good long trip of it find yourself a holiday rental property, villa or beachhouse to stay in (or even two or three different holiday rental properties if you are staying for several weeks) where you can base yourself.


Let’s get a holiday house in Australia . Something that many people long to do, but coming from Europe or the Americas, it’s a long way to go. Anyone who’s been there though, will tell you its worth it - allow yourself time!

New Zealand

Settle yourself into a holiday house in New Zealand and you can savour all that this country has to offer – breathtaking scenery, verdant rainforests, golden beaches, hiking trails and much more.


Fascinating ancient cultures, lush rainforests, mouth-watering fresh seafood, heavenly beaches and some of the best scuba diving in the world - a holiday in Vanuatu takes you to your own little piece of paradise.

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There is no shortage of holiday villas and apartments for private hire here – whatever you are looking for, wherever you want to be, you are likely to find something to suit you. The most well known and popular parts of Oceania are Australia and New Zealand. Australia is a huge country with landscapes ranging from deserts to coral reef and all points in between. It is a haven for outdoor and activity enthusiasts with endless opportunities for adventure sports, hiking and climbing, and watersports. Australia is home to the world renowned Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock. New Zealand, Australia’s neighbour (albeit 200km away) is known for its dramatic scenery and wildlife. To choose a rural villa with private swimming pool or beachfront house for your holiday rental here is a real treat – anywhere you go, you won’t be disappointed. Its natural heritage, mountains and rainforests are second to none, both in the North and the South Island. Other holiday rental opportunities in Oceania include villas and cottages in the South Pacific Islands, such as Vanuatu, which are popular honeymoon and romantic holiday destination. Bursting with character, the self catering options here are diverse and varied.

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