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Renting a villa in Piedmont offers you a taste of Italy with a French twist. The region, one of the wealthiest in Italy, borders France and retains its neighbour’s Alpine beauty.

Piedmont is surrounded on three sides by towering Alpine peaks and walkers can enjoy a villa in Piedmont with breathtaking views of the Valle d’Aosta. Piedmont is considered the least Italian of the countries’ regions, owing to its French influence, but it was once capital and the seat of the Italian royal family. A villa in Piedmont will allow visitors to experience this rich history. The Royal Palace in Turin offers a taste of the area’s auspicious past and the baroque beauty of the city will not fail to enchant the visitor. The region is well-known as a hive of industry. Turin is the second-biggest industrial city in the country and the home of Fiat cars. But venture outside the metropolis and you will find more evidence of its illustrious past in hunting lodges, castles and palaces. A visit to Turin would not be complete without taking in the Turin Shroud. Of course, the shroud itself is safely stowed away, but you can admire its elaborate case and absorb its history at the Cathedral. For wine-lovers, a villa in Piedmont is a must. The area is one of the most famous wine-producing regions in the country. Varieties produced here include Barbera, Dolcetto, Barolo and the sparkling Asti Spumante. For those with a sweet tooth, the area is home to the Ferrero chocolate factories. Gianduja, a delicious mix of chocolate and hazelnut paste is a speciality of the region. You may not lose any weight, but a villa in Italy in this diverse and beautiful region offer a true taste of the refined, classic Italy of yesteryear.

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