A continent of huge diversity in terms of climate, landscapes and region, Europe is a great destination and perfect for villas, holiday rentals and quirky places to stay . A continent where you can rent a ski chalet in the shadow of the world famous Mont Blanc, and stay in an Austrian castle or a beachfront villa in Andalucia. 


Whether you’re an art lover, a history buff or simply a dedicated epicurean, a holiday rental in Belgium would be the perfect choice for a truly delightful trip. 


From the mountains and ski fields of the Alps through to the history and music in Vienna, a holiday house in Austria can provide everything you need for a memorable holiday!


Bulgaria has not been cited as a holiday rentals destination for long – and that’s what makes it a great place to take a holiday. Beach and ski resorts, cities and countryside; take a holiday house in Bulgaria and it’s all there for you.

Canary Islands

Volcanic rocky outcrops in the Atlantic, a villa in the Canary Islands offer villas and holiday rental properties that reflect their character - varied, sunny, exposed and welcoming. A real mixture of styles in other words - but one that always rewards your curiosity.


Croatia has all you need for a perfect holiday - beautiful coastline, balmy weather, classical culture and locals who warmly welcome you to your villa in Croatia , every time you return.


A wonderful climate with golden beaches and the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love. A villa in Cyprus offers so much - is it any wonder that Cyprus is so popular as a summer holiday destination?

Czech Republic

From the exciting buzz and culture of the cities to the natural beauty and serenity of the forests and mountains, a holiday house in the Czech Republic is a fantastic choice for a memorable getaway.


Take a holiday house or cottage in England and discover vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, culture of every kind and a surrounding landscape that is green, rolling and steeped in history...


France is one of the most popular tourist destinations – who wouldn’t be tempted by the food, the wine and the history of such a diverse and beautiful country? A gite or villa in France will give you something of everything on your holiday.


Germany is an enchanting place, full of stories, history and fairytale castles. A holiday house in Germany is the perfect escape if you’re looking for a warm welcome, a taste of times past, and a memorable view.


As a country that is steeped in the history and culture that formed the cornerstone of Western civilisation – shouldn’t you take a holiday villa in Greece and see it for yourself? So much on offer - not much chance you'll go wrong!


You will get no warmer welcome anywhere than the one you will get when you rent a holiday in Ireland – and with the history, the culture and the glorious outdoors once you are there you may never want to leave...


To get the real feel of this beautiful country, you need to find yourself a villa in Italy - or any holiday property – whether a chic urban apartment or a traditional rural farmhouse, that is the way to experience this exquisite country.


A beautiful Baltic coastline, a diversity of outdoor pursuits, distinctive history and architecture, sensational culture and spectacular natural beauty. You get all this and more when you holiday in Latvia .


If you`re in search of a holiday rental in a place of clear blue waters, secluded bays and sandy beaches, then head for a villa in Malta . Sun and sand on the coast, traditional working villages and beautiful landscapes inland - the perfect holiday destination!


Montenegro, a recent addition to the map of great holiday rental destinations, is still one of Europe’s hidden secrets, but not for long. Find yourself a villa in Montenegro before everyone else does!


A holiday rental in the Netherlands guarantees you a very special holiday. From the buzzing and beautiful cities to the castles, coastline and fields in bloom, this is a magical and memorable place.


Whether you’re interested in poignant history, elegant architecture, contemporary culture, natural beauty or outdoor pursuits, a holiday in Poland will certainly be a memorable one.


A holiday villa in Portugal offers you infinite options for your holiday rental – from mingling with crowds in the beach resorts to a golfing holiday with friends, to exploring the more remote and rugged parts of the country.


Atmospheric castles, charming Saxon settlements, breathtaking scenery and stories galore - a holiday in Romania is like living a chapter of a children’s fairytale.


Highlands and islands, castles and monasteries, golf, fishing, hiking, wildlife watching and even skiing – a holiday house in Scotland offers you all this and much more. Come and discover it for yourself.


With nine national parks, numerous medieval Baroque and Gothic towns and the highest number of castles per capita in the whole world, a holiday house in Slovakia is a great spot for a different holiday.


Although not quite undiscovered, if you are in search of a holiday rental property away from Europe’s crowds and high prices, then a holiday in Slovenia can give you what you`re after as well as being a superb holiday destination.


Spain: best known for its tapas and its fiestas, its beaches and its architecture. With such a wide choice of holiday rentals – from a beachfront villa in Andalucia to an inland farmhouse in Galicia, there is a villa in Spain to suit all tastes and all needs!


From the rugged wilderness of the North to the delightful shores of the South, from the culture of the cities to the breath-taking natural scenery of the islands, a holiday house in Sweden will not disappoint.


With its stylish ski resorts, snow capped mountain ranges, fairytale castles and luxury spas, it’s not hard to see why taking a holiday house in Switzerland is such a popular choice all year round. Try it, and you'll see what we mean....


Turkey is the stepping stone between Europe and Asia and finding a holiday rental property to suit you should be no problem, considering the beautiful coastline and rich history of this country. Whatever type of holiday you're after, you're likely to find it in Turkey .


Wales – the land of romantic castles, mining towns and male voice choirs, bursting with legends and folk tales. Also a superb destination for a holiday, with holiday rental properties available throughout the country, whatever you're after.

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France and Spain, Europe’s most popular destinations for a family villa holiday can tempt you with luxurious urban apartments, romantic cities, endless hiking opportunities and weekend fiestas. Some of the world’s finest cuisine can be found in Italy, the birthplace of Roman civilization and home to many a famous artist. Here you can find your holiday rentals in the form of a private villa with a luxurious swimming pool, or an ancient farmhouse set in its own land. Central Europe is well known for its skiing, its mountains and excellent walking opportunities, while Eastern Europe, although still somewhat undiscovered, has a growing number of self catering holiday rentals, many near some truly unspoilt beaches and coastlines. Southern Europe provides visitors with more of a climate guarantee – visitors flock to Greece every year to see the birthplace of ancient Greek civilisation and to enjoy the crystal blue ocean and the outdoor living. In Northern Europe, there are opportunites for renting villas, cottages and apartments throughout – especially in the UK and Ireland where renting a country cottage or a rural farmhouse is particularly popular. In Scandinavia you can rent log cabins near the fjords, or head for an apartment in one of the spotless Scandinavian cities! Last but not least, away from the mainland are some superb islands, from Cyprus and the many Greek islands, through to the Balearic Islands and the Azores – holiday rentals for anyone and everyone!

What about a Romantic Hideaway?

Sometimes all you want to do is get away from the humdrum of everyday life and spend a bit of quality time with the person you love. No one else, no distractions, just you two. And these days, finding a romantic hideaway could not be easier. Whatever type of trip you want to take and for however long, there is something somewhere to suit you. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what defines ‘romantic’ so what one person might love another might hate. But fear not, as long as you know the person you’re going with then navigating this minefield is easy. For many, an ideal romantic hideaway will involve somewhere cosy and remote where you can cuddle up in front of a log fire and drink a large glass of red wine in peace. If this is the case for you, then why not think about a tiny cottage in Cornwall, Devon or Somerset. You’ll have rolling hills on your doorstep for long walks together and romantic sea views with beaches to stroll along. You could also go for something slightly quirky and try hiring a caravan. You can find beautifully decorated and really rather luxurious caravans these days, and that would certainly be a hideaway with a twist.

If your type of retreat involves a little more sunshine than perhaps England has to offer, but you don’t want to spend a fortune then what about a finca in Spain? Traditional and pretty, these are usually tucked into little villages with lovely views and a warm, welcoming feel. Or how about a luxury villa on the Portuguese coast where you can soak up the rays on a private terrace and hide yourself away in a self-catering property surrounded by olive groves and orange trees? At the other end of the thermometer there are no fewer options for a romantic retreat. If you and your partner enjoy skiing and alpine views there are a number of stunning chalets in the mountains where you can just enjoy the views and each other. Rather more off the beaten track are properties like log cabins in the Slovakian mountains, gothic castles in Austria or farmhouses in Poland.

For a romantic hideaway which is truly extravagant and unique then you could think about a mountain lodge in the Australian outback, a luxurious riad in Marrakech or a secluded beachfront house in Honduras. There are just so many options, all of which are special and romantic in their own distinctive ways. Even if you both love the hustle and bustle and the thought of getting away from civilisation fills you with horror, there are lots of possibilities. A romantic hideaway can just as much be in the middle of a city as in an isolated forest and there are some exceptional hotels and boutique B&Bs in the big cities as well as houses in the centre of pretty villages. From yurts to chateaux, windmills to villas, there are romantic hideaways all over the world so whatever holiday you desire, it can be yours.

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