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Nearly 30% of the earth’s land area is made up of Asia. Not just the largest, but also the most populous continent, with over 4 billion people, and growing! Virtually impossible to sum up the holiday rental opportunities in Asia in a couple of paragraphs

The Philippines

With year round sun, endless opportunities for island hopping, surfing and diving, as well as simply amazing beaches, the Philippines has a lot to offer its visitors.


Bali is the jewel in the crown of Indonesia, itself a stunning collection of islands packed with beauty and history . Find yourself a villa in Bali and truly you will never want to leave.


Cambodia: truly the heart of Southeast Asia, with something for everyone. Aside from the endless exploration on offer here, you will find the people of Cambodia to be some of the world’s most hospitable. If you find yourself some holiday accommodation here, you will wish you could stay forever.


China, one of the world’s oldest continuous civilisations, has much diversity to offer the holiday maker. You can find a holiday house in China throughout the country to cater for all types of traveller and all ranges of budget.


Whether it is history and architecture, spirituality, the diverse culture or the delicious food that takes you there, India will take your breath away. Book a holiday villa in India for a trip you will never forget.


If you want to get off the beaten track and experience the culture and scenery of Southeast Asia at its best, take a holiday in Laos . From the temples to the markets, this place is unforgettable.


Mouth-watering cuisine, breath-taking beaches, vibrant cities, historic monuments, plantation-covered mountains and forests alive with wildlife; a holiday in Malaysia gives you all this and more.

Sri Lanka

For such a small island, Sri Lanka has a huge amount to offer its visitors. From white beaches to colonial history, and all points in between, there is a private villa or boutique hotel in villa in Sri Lanka for everyone!


The kingdom of Thailand


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The islands and temples of Thailand are well known for their popularity and a holiday rental is easy to come by here:

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