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Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a collection of little islands off the coast of Africa and you’d be mad not to consider the holiday rentals here. The islands and islets are volcanic and therefore spectacular mountain ranges and scenic landscapes are a given whichever part of the islands you are visiting. A private villa in Cape Verde is not as common perhaps as the coastal areas of Spain and France, but as a result the beaches are deserted and unspoilt, many areas are blissfully quiet and you can genuinely feel that you are away from the stresses of life in a faraway paradise of your own.

Cape Verde

If you’re looking for holiday rentals which offer you pristine beaches, scuba diving, heritage sites and an island soundtrack then look no further. Cape Verde has it all and more.

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Culturally, Cape Verde is a blend of Portuguese and West African heritages, and this makes for a fascinating mix! Many of the surroundings are African in their look and feel but a lot of the architecture has European influences. And if you’re looking for a holiday destination where you will be welcomed with warm, friendly, open arms then the holiday rentals here cannot be beaten. Besides the gorgeous surroundings, there is a lot to do in Cape Verde. If you’re a keen diver or windsurfer then you’ve come to the right place! The conditions for water sports are excellent and the diving is truly out of this world, since there are numerous 16th century shipwrecks dotted all around the seabed. It is things like this that make holiday rentals here genuinely magical. Cape Verde is also particularly known for its music, and island carnivals like the Baia das Gatas festival are not to be missed. With warm sunshine all year round, plenty to see, and fantastic local hospitality to enjoy, holiday rentals in Cape Verde are an obvious choice. The area is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.

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