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This is a continent of many faces and it is as beautiful and fascinating as it is diverse. Australia, home to the famous ‘outback’, unbelievable surfing beaches and cosmopolitan cities like Sydney, is an obvious place to start, and from here it is a relatively short hop to New Zealand, with its sensational rugged landscapes and adrenaline-fuelled outdoor pursuits.


Let’s get a holiday house in Australia . Something that many people long to do, but coming from Europe or the Americas, it’s a long way to go. Anyone who’s been there though, will tell you its worth it - allow yourself time!

New Zealand

Settle yourself into a holiday house in New Zealand and you can savour all that this country has to offer


Fascinating ancient cultures, lush rainforests, mouth-watering fresh seafood, heavenly beaches and some of the best scuba diving in the world - a holiday in Vanuatu takes you to your own little piece of paradise.

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But there is plenty more to Oceania than just these two countries - how about a voyage to the archipelago of French Polynesia, or to the Soloman Islands, where you can scuba dive to your heart’s content? Vanuatu, also famous for its reefs, feels like another world, and don’t forget Samoa, known for its natural beauty and also for its rugby… Alternatively there’s Fiji, a cluster of islands where you will find palm-lined beaches, crystal clear lagoons and a whole lot of relaxation. A holiday in Oceania is the ultimate escape.

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