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Corsica, despite its French heritage, lies off the coast of Italy and this combination of locations and cultures make it a truly unique destination. A holiday villa in Corsica is a perfect choice if you want stunning views, a temperate climate and a perfect setting for outdoor activities. The island of Corsica boasts 600 miles of beautiful, unspoilt coastline and the coast is dotted with tiny private white-sand beaches. And if you want a backdrop with a bit of variety, then a holiday villa in Corsica is the right place to come to. Not only does it have beaches but it also has soaring alpine peaks (the highest is 9,000 feet!), gorges, pine forests, valleys and lakes - it is very special to have so much natural beauty in one place. Wherever your holiday villa in Corsica is based you will be at the heart of an enchanting, rustic place.

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A holiday villa in Corsica is ideal if you’re into water sports. Diving, sailing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, boating, water-skiing - you name it, you can do it here. The scuba diving both here and in nearby Sardinia is wonderful. On land, there are just as many activities on offer - the mountains and gorges provide an ideal canvas for rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and rafting. Or perhaps you could hang-glide over the entire island? What a way to see it! If you’re after something a bit more relaxing then how about a round of golf at one of the award winning golf courses, overlooking the sparkling blue sea? Idyllic. Alternatively, spend an afternoon wandering around the streets of one of Corsica’s old towns - from churches and cathedrals to fishing villages, there is always something to see, some delicious local food to eat or somewhere to watch the world go by. A holiday villa in Corsica really has something for everyone. 

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