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There’s a very good reason why Tuscany is one of the most-visited regions in Italy

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Inland the classic landscapes of medieval hill towns, vineyards, olive groves and ancient farmhouses draw the eye. Tuscany is, in many ways, the essence of Italy. And it is true that the area has had a huge influence on Italian history. It was the seat of the renaissance, an extraordinarily creative era. Florence was its most active centre. Hordes of visitors flock to the city every year to drink in its historic charms. A villa in Tuscany located in the nearby countryside will enable travellers to experience the bustle of the city while enjoying a quieter hideaway. The city has an unrivalled collection of churches, galleries and museums, as well as the spectacular ponte vecchio across the river Arno. Your villa in Tuscany could be in Pisa - much sought-after due to the city’s famous landmark, the leaning tower. If you need a breather, escape from the cities to the more relaxed town of Siena

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