Treehouse Holidays

If you’re bored of the usual cottages and villas and want to stay somewhere completely unique, then a holiday in a treehouse is the solution. There’s literally nothing like it! As children we are obsessed with the concept – what better way to get away from everyone and escape into your own world? Then when we grow up we begin to feel we are too sensible to stay in something made of canvas or wood. But there’s no reason why, as adults, we can’t enjoy a treehouse holiday with the same carefree, childlike spirit. When the pressures of a busy life and a crowded city get too much, there is nothing more therapeutic than fleeing to the trees, where the air is clear, the surroundings are peaceful and nothing can touch you. A holiday in a treehouse is the ultimate escapism!

Of course, treehouses have come a long way since the days of our youth. A modern treehouse holiday comes equipped with luxury furnishings and all the mod cons. As you would expect they vary hugely, depending on their style and location. If you want the English countryside idyll, then a treehouse holiday in Somerset will offer you sumptuous, spacious interiors, sensational countryside and more modern technology than you could shake a stick at. If, on the other hand, you would prefer your holiday in a treehouse to have a bit more rugged wilderness, head for Kenya or Australia where your treehouse holiday takes you into the depths of rainforests or safari landscapes. That’s the beauty of a treehouse – as long as you’ve got trees you can build one anywhere! Nowadays, ‘glamping’ is all the rage and if you’re someone who likes a bit of comfort with their countryside, a holiday in a treehouse is for you. You can enjoy the proximity to nature and all the joys of the outdoors, yet still have a cosy bed and a hot bath to come back to.

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