Stay in a Windmill

There are few retreats quite as special and unique as a holiday in a windmill. By their very nature windmill properties have a huge amount of history and knowing that the very place in which you are eating and sleeping was once a working mill – producing flour to feed local inhabitants, is a magical feeling. They are also few and far between and so many of them are graded or listed properties, brimming with character and antiquity. In fact you would be hard pressed to find self-catering accommodation anywhere with more personality and atmosphere than a stay in a windmill! Usually these renovated buildings house many of their original features – from the charming wooden beams on the inside to the original windmill blades on the outside. A holiday in a windmill is the ideal way to do something totally original for your holiday and to totally immerse yourself in a little piece of history; a place where you can relish quiet surroundings, while also enjoying newly renovated home comforts and quirky luxury.

One of the most common factors between your stay in a windmill is that the chances are it will stand deep within serene countryside. This means that whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic hideaway or whether you’re going with the whole family you will get a sense of peace and seclusion – something a holiday in a windmill will give you which you may not find in a seaside resort or a city apartment. Instead you may find yourself in the midst of a picturesque chocolate box village with nothing other than a few country houses and lots of fields to keep you company. Of course, with this in mind, probably the best thing about a stay in a windmill is the views. Windmills are tall! And tall buildings mean outstanding panoramas. Very few holiday houses can boast five floors unless you’re sharing with somebody else. But a holiday in a windmill can just keep taking you higher and higher until you can see the surrounding countryside for literally tens of miles around. The views are not just breathtaking but are also 360 degrees!

Windmills come in all shapes and sizes, and you can holiday in a windmill all over the globe. You may choose a huge windmill in England which can play host to family gatherings, groups of friends or club get togethers. Buildings like these have so much character that they are perfect for massive family gatherings. A stay in a windmill of this size also lends itself extremely well to parties which require a specific kind of mood – perhaps a murder mystery game between friends or a full on banquet! Alternatively you can holiday in a windmill which is tiny and secluded – perhaps in rural France, where the interiors have been renovated to perfection; an ideal choice for a cosy and dreamy few days away with the one you love. If you’re looking for an anniversary destination or an idyllic honeymoon where it’s just you two and the sounds of church bells chiming and sheep bleating, then a holiday in a windmill is the kind of impressive destination that stands out from the crowd and will never be forgotten.

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