Glamping, often defined as ‘luxury camping’, is very much the new thing, and it is not hard to see why. For decades there has been a huge divide between people who like to get back to nature in a tent and holiday makers who would rather stay in a luxury cottage with all the mod cons, but now there is a very happy middle ground. Glamping is the city dweller’s best friend - sometimes all you want is to get out of the rat race and the smog, back to a simpler life with fresh air and open, green space. But to those who are accustomed to a life of comfort, ease and extravagance, the idea of sleeping under canvas with no bed and no hot water can be horrifying. And this is why the concept of glamping has become so popular - because it offers all the joys of camping (the freedom, the simplicity, the chance to get back to nature) without depriving you of any of your home comforts (baths, mirrors, hot food).

Glamping nowadays comes in many forms. At one end of the scale you have tents, tipis and yurts - all the fun of camping without any of the discomfort! At the other end you have the weird and wonderful glamping concepts - how about a unique geodesic dome? Or a traditional gypsy caravan? Or an airstream caravan? Or even a tree house? The experience of staying in a safari camp or a wigwam is unforgettable - that’s certainly not your average hotel room or run-of-the-mill villa. Glamping is likely to be cheaper too - and in today’s economic climate, an inexpensive holiday where you cut costs without cutting quality is like gold dust.

When you think about it, glamping really offers something for everyone. Children love it. The great outdoors, the proximity to wildlife but they can still cuddle up in a safe, cosy bed. Glamping is the idyllic format for a family holiday with something for everyone. On the other hand, could there be anything more romantic than taking your loved one to a deluxe getaway where you can bathe by candlelight, gaze at unpolluted, starry skies, and enjoy the novelty of having absolutely nothing to distract you from cherishing each other’s company? That is just one of the many wonderful side effects of a glamping trip. One of the great joys of glamping is its international appeal. Once upon a time, a British camping holiday was a wet and dreary affair. Nowadays you have everything on offer from canvas cottages in the English countryside to tipis in Andalucia and sumptuous safari tents in Goa. Yes, glamping has become a worldwide phenomenon so there are certainly no restrictions on your destination. Whatever your budget or your climate preferences, there is bound to be the perfect glamping retreat to suit you. From bell tents to roulottes, gers to camper vans, a glamping holiday is a no-brainer for your next adventure.

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