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The sunniest of the Eastern Caribbean islands, Antigua offers its visitors a perfect climate and a plethora of white sand beaches. Hire a holiday villa in Antigua to take advantage of this incredible island, where beachgoers can visit a new stretch of coastline each glorious morning. Once visited by Admiral Nelson, Antigua now plays host to the world’s regatta during the world-renowned ‘Sailing Week’. What with English Harbour and its restored colonial-era ‘Nelson’s Dockyard’, Antigua has a vibrant maritime tradition and is a renowned yachting destination. Be sure to reserve your holiday villa in Antigua in time. Antigua has become an eco-wonderland, and travellers the world over choose to relax in a holiday villa in Antigua, providing perfect moments in paradise.

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The island is surrounded by coral reef, providing safe haven for diverse marine life and excellent snorkelling and scuba diving. Find a magnificent parrotfish wending its way around the coral. Nearby Barbuda is home to a bird sanctuary, and the uninhabited Redonda is a nature preserve. Antigua has incredible wildlife; little yellow birds named bananaquilts flit about the island, dining on their eponymous fruit and for the most part ignoring their human neighbours. Antigua was possibly so named by Christopher Columbus, after a Spanish church named Santa Maria la Antigua, or St Mary the Ancient. Its indigenous inhabitants called the island Wadadli, which means ‘our own’. Largest of the Leeward Islands, Antigua offers almost 90 miles of pristine coastline to its residents and visitors. Hire a holiday villa in Antigua and enjoy your meals al fresco under the balmy, tropical skies. Discover local restaurants by asking locals for their favourite picks; enjoy the ocean breezes from atop a catamaran. Best of all, watch the sun set from the veranda of your holiday villa in Antigua with an ice-cold rum and ginger in hand.
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