Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand is an incredibly beautiful part of the world. The area is much cooler than the rest of the country because of its mountainous jungle terrain. As a result, its cool, fresh climate has become a place to escape to for holiday rentals away from the oppressive heat of the south.

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The principle cities within the region are Chang Mai and Chang Rai – each quiet different but with many attractions for visitors and plenty of holiday rentals to choose from. Chang Mai is the most well known because it caters for all sorts of excursions from the city. Holiday rentals here will allow you easy access to the stunning national parks where you’ll be able to watch the wildlife, go trekking and perhaps visit some of the tribal people in their hill villages. The area is simply bursting with sacred places to visit and historical sites to discover. Holiday rentals here will also be well placed for adventure activities; rafting, trekking, caving and climbing are all popular in the region. Chang Mai itself offers plenty of exciting opportunities to experience the Thai culture and buy local produce and crafts. There are a large number of markets to visit, one of the most famous of which is Walking Street. This is a large Sunday market that offers handicrafts and regional goods in abundance. Alternatively, you could head to the night bazaar and try your hand at a bit of after hours bartering. And of course, there are the elephants. At Pang Chang Mae Sa there are elephant shows (which show the elephants working) and an opportunity to ride one if you’re feeling brave. As with the rest of the country though, you should time when to book holiday rentals here. There is a definite rainy season from June to October and the best of the climate is really to be had from November to February. But this just makes the perfect excuse for a winter get away to this beautiful part of the world…

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